Docker Essentials 3 – Installing Docker

Welcome to my Docker Essentials series, which teaches you the basics you’ll need to know in order to get started with Docker. In this video, I go over the installation process for Windows 10, macOS, and Ubuntu.

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Installing Docker

Windows 10 and macOS


For Ubuntu, the following commands are used to install Docker:

First, install updates
 sudo apt update
 sudo apt dist-upgrade
Install the required package for Docker
 sudo apt install
Ensure that Docker is started and enabled

By default, the Docker engine on Ubuntu won’t be running or enabled after you install the package. You can fix this by running the following commands:

 sudo systemctl enable docker
 sudo systemctl start docker
Add your user to the docker group (optional)
 sudo usermod -aG docker <username>

Running a test container

The “hello-world” container is a great way to test that Docker is installed and working properly. Regardless of the operating system, after installing Docker you can run the test container with the following command:

 docker run hello-world

Note: You will need to prefix that command with ‘sudo’ on Ubuntu if you didn’t add your user to the docker group.

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