DeskPi Pro v2 Review – Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Desktop!

Raspberry Pi is an awesome platform, the only limit is your imagination. If you want to turn your Pi into a desktop, the DeskPi aims to help you do exactly that. In this video, I’ll review the DeskPi Pro v2 and give you my thoughts.

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Notable Replies

  1. I really enjoyed this review. However, I was waiting to hear what type of desktop uses would be possible with this set up.

    Of course no high end graphical editing, gaming, etc.

    And I would guess the FOSS old times games would play - as @Jay mentioned that he likes to use Pi for.

    But maybe list out - this desktop would be good for… would not be good for use cases. It would help me a lot as I have no experience with R-Pi :slight_smile:

  2. Avatar for jay jay says:

    That’s a good point, I probably should’ve covered that. I think the majority of what I mentioned in my Pi 400 video is covered here. I might want to do a follow-up at some point.

  3. Here’s what I use my alt-desktop RPi 4B for:

    • Watching videos stored on our NAS (using VLC over network shares).
    • Writing notes, etc. (Emacs and Org-Roam)
    • Keeping track of anime shows as they come out and as I watch them (Firefox and LibreOffice Calc)
    • Learning Python and writing little utility scripts (python and/or bash) (Emacs and LSP [Language Server Protocol])
    • Helping out by doing admin stuff on our NASes and other servers.
    • I manage my data files in Git projects, pulling and pushing from/to our local GitLab server.
    • Sometimes some light GIMP work.
    • Pretty much anything web-based (but not so much YouTUbe, see below).

    Hardware-wise, it’s an 8GB RPi 4B in an Argon One M.2 case and with a 256GB Samsung 860 Evo M.2 SATA.
    Distro is Manjaro with i3 window manager.

    YouTube videos can be a challenge, because they default to a codec (either AV1 or VP9) that doesn’t have hardware support in the CPU (I can get around that by downloading the H.264 version of the video, as that codec has HW support). I hope the next version of the RPi will have more codec support built in.

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