Debian 12 “Bookworm” is the Best Release of Debian. Ever.

Debian 12 (codenamed “Bookworm”) is a FANTASTIC release of an awesome Linux distribution, and this is a release that fans of the popular desktop distro are sure to love. In this video, Jay goes over all the reasons why he feels that this is the best Debian release ever. This review will include a look at the installation process, performance, stability, and a surprising change. And speaking of “surprising”, there’s a surprise twist at the end of the review that will be sure to shock long-time fans of the channel. Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the video, good and informative as always. I have just one question. Are you also running Debian 12 as you OS for your Raspberry Pi 4’s ?

  2. Great video Jay, it’s almost making me want to make the switch as well! I’m curious though, are you planning on writing a new book specifically for Debian? :slight_smile:

  3. Avatar for Stal Stal says:

    Wow what a glowing review of Debian. Great videos, thank you for the review and other ones for the installation of Debian and things to do after installing too. I learned some new things such as installing codecs and easily adding desktop environments.

    Over the past half year I’ve considered switching to Debian 12 after its retirees, with its improved driver support and KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS. A drama free, rock solid and now also up to date distro sounds very appealing to me. So, I might join you in switching. :smiling_face:

    Having a solid base with Flatpaks on top makes more and sense to me as I tinker less due to a lack of time and just want something that works reliably day in day out.

    My other candidate would be something like Fedora Kinoite or Silverblue. Mostly because of the support for Toolbox as I’m trying to learn programming in Rust and again I’d like to keep my operating system less cluttered.
    Does anyone know what would be the best option to use Debian with the latest programming libraries in a containerised fashion?

    EDIT: I installed Debian in a VM to try it out and I found distrobox in the repository and added a fedora 38 container. This works pretty well once set up. But I’m open to suggestions if there are better options.

    EDIT 2: This is more a goof than anything useful, but I could view the Debian review video in VLC, which was installed in a Fedora container using distrobox, running Debian in Gnome Boxes, as a Flatpak installed on Ubuntu. :package: :laughing: It makes much more sense to just install software as a Flatpak on Debian, but I suppose it’s another way to run more recent software on a stable distro like Debian if you need to.

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