The Homelab Show Episode 112 – Open Source Home Lab Security

Security is a very important topic, even in the world of homelab. The idea is simple – you need access to your servers, but you want to ensure only those that are authorized can get in. In this episode, Jay and Tom discuss some tips and strategies around security.

Kasm Workspaces: Your Solution for Remote Desktops? Full Review!

Kasm Workspaces is dubbed as the “Container Streaming Platform”, and it gives you the ability to quickly launch containers (dubbed “Workspaces”) that can consist of applications and even entire Linux distributions – all from within your web browser. In this video, Jay will give you his thoughts on Kasm Workspaces.

The Homelab Show Episode 106 – How to Audit your Homelab

If you have an awesome Homelab, you’ll definitely want to maintain it – but auditing may or may not be the first thing you think about. Whether you’re testing backups, VM templates, container automations or whatever it happens to be – auditing things in your Homelab can definitely prevent unintended surprises. In this episode, Jay […]