Building a Powerful Raspberry Pi NAS with the Argon EON Pi Case & OpenMediaVault

Are you looking to build your very own Raspberry Pi-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) for your network or homelab? In this video, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features and functionality of the Argon EON Pi NAS case, a case designed for Raspberry Pi that transforms it into a NAS. You’ll see the the build process, and we’ll also demonstrate how to install and configure OpenMediaVault, a popular open-source NAS operating system, to maximize the capabilities of your build. This is definitely a fun project, so check it out!

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Commands used in this video

The following commands were used in this video, and most of them came from the documentation links in the previous section. Credit goes to the original authors of that documentation, and the commands are reprinted here for your convenience.

Installing the Argon EON Script

With a command prompt open from an installed Raspberry Pi OS, run the following command to enable the Argon EON’s featureset:

curl | bash

Installing OpenMediaVault

The following command was used for installing OpenMediaVault:

sudo wget -O - | sudo bash

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