Bash Scripting on Linux (The Complete Guide) Class 05 – If Statements

There are a lot of “Ifs” in life. “If” you’ll get the job, “If” you win the lottery, “If” only you knew the answer to all things. But there’s no “Ifs” about it, you’ll learn all about If Statements in Bash with this video. We’ll go through how to set up an if statement, why you’d want to write one in the first place, and some additional bash-related shenanigans!

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Notable Replies

  1. Thanks for explaining the meaning of the test command and the usage of the square brackets. The best part of this, is the explaining of the tests (comparisons) done with if statements. I’ve never seen this explained in any text/video - it’s assumed you know what’s going on. Now the whole thing makes sense!

    Kudos Jay - you truly understand your audience and this is what makes your videos so valuable to watch :+1:

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