Which Linux Mint is Better? Comparing Debian Edition & Standard

Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a very interesting distribution to say the least. It looks and acts nearly exactly the same as the standard version of Linux Mint, but LMDE is built on top of Debian instead of Ubuntu. In this video, Jay compares LMDE to the flagship edition of Linux Mint and also gives it an updated review.

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MX Linux 23.2 Full Review: My Impressions in 2024

MX Linux is a Linux distribution with a lot of bells and whistles – literally! This Linux distro is packed full of customization features, all backed by a stable Debian 12 base. In this video, Jay checks out the latest release.

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Hands On: The HL15 Homelab Server from 45Homelab

45Homelab, a brand-new division of 45Drives, has just released a new server – one that’s specifically built for use in your homelab! The goal of the HL15 is to offer the self-hosting community a server/chassis that mirrors that quality you’d typically find in enterprise data centers. In this video, Jay will give you his first thoughts after having some time to check it out.

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Fedora Workstation 39 – The Most Boring Release Ever – and it’s Great!

Fedora celebrates 20 years in November of 2023, and just a day shy of that amazing milestone version 39 has been released. Fedora 39 features the GNOME 45 desktop, and not much else. In fact, it’s quite boring. But you know what? With this release, that’s a great thing! In this quick review, Jay will take a look at Fedora 39.

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Congratulations to the entire team behind Fedora – 20 years of an awesome Linux distro is definitely something to be extremely proud of!

Kasm Workspaces: Your Solution for Remote Desktops? Full Review!

Kasm Workspaces is dubbed as the “Container Streaming Platform”, and it gives you the ability to quickly launch containers (dubbed “Workspaces”) that can consist of applications and even entire Linux distributions – all from within your web browser. In this video, Jay will give you his thoughts on Kasm Workspaces.

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Thanks to Akamai for sponsoring this review. Check out their cloud platform to support this channel and launch your own Linux server!

A Hidden Gem of a Linux Distro – Crunchbang++ 12 is Out!

Recently, Jay had a chance to check out the latest version of Crunchbang++, a lightweight Linux distribution based on Debian. Version 12 sees the distro rebase on Debian Bookworm, giving users the latest Debian stable base with a well polished OpenBox implementation. Check out all the info in this review!

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Check out Crunchbang++ here. Thanks to Akamai for sponsoring this video!

The “Nebula” PC Case from System76 is Here…But is it Worth It?

System76, a company known for making computers that are “born to run Linux” have released a new product, named “Nebula”, that allows you to build your own desktop computer that’s very similar to theirs! In this video, Jay has ordered TWO of these and has some thoughts to share with you.

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